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      Evangelist  Dr. C.C. Brady,  BPS Director           

We were introduced to BPS in 1965 by Dr. Don Fraser, the man responsible for restoring the scriptural principle of Local Church Bible Publishing. He called it “Scripturally publishing Scripture”.
So for 50 years now we have been actively involved in presenting this ministry.
26 of those years my wife and I and 7 of our children traveled in an evangelistic ministry all across the U.S., Mexico and Canada and I had the privilege of introducing this Biblical concept in every Church we preached in.
Pastor Catlin and his associate, Steve Brady, our son, 8 years ago, asked us to pray about starting a BPS ministry here at Harmony Baptist Church in Plant City, Fl.. which is now, by the Grace of God, actively in operation.
It is our goal to get a portion of God’s Word into every hand and heart according to God’s Great Command.
We cannot rest and we cannot stop until we present the gospel “By The Scriptures To All The Nations”. Rom. 16:26

                                                                     Jim N Debbie

We are so thankful for the Lord raising up Jim and Debbie to help us in the BPS ministry. They have been such a blessing.  They feel God has called them to this ministry and they have put their hearts into getting the Word of God into the hands of the Missionaries and those that have requested John and Romans. They work so hard and you can just see the burden they have to get God’s Word out. Pray for them as they want to see this work prosper and get more of the Word around the world.

Psalms 126:6

He that goeth forth and weepeth, BEARING PRECIOUS SEED, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. 


  What is Bearing Precious Seed?


Bearing Precious Seed is an activity of Independent, Fundamental Baptist Churches publishing the Word of God for free distribution to each Church’s Missionaries on the field.

Bearing Precious Seed is a Local Church Ministry.

All money, funds, support, equipment, etc. comes in through the local Church.

The Goal of Bearing Precious Seed:

To produce the Word of God in the fifty major languages of the world equivalent to The King James English Bible. That would enable us to reach 98% of the population of the world in their own trade tongue.

The command is “By the Word to ALL the Nations”. (2% of the world’s population have never had their language reduced to a written form.) In order to obey the command of the Everlasting God, (Romans 16:26 But now is made manifest, and BY THE SCRIPTURES of the prophets, according to the COMMANDMENT OF THE EVERLASTING GOD, made known TO ALL NATIONS for the obedience of faith.)B.P.S. has established  (BBTI) The BAPTIST BIBLE TRANSLATOR INSTITUTE  in Bowie,Tx. Dr. Rex Cobb, Director. (through a local Church) Where missionaries are trained to go to those with spoken languages only and put their languages into writing so they can have the Gospel, (the Word of God in their own language in printed form.)

At present 10 to 15 languages are available. The Scriptures are provided FREE Of CHARGE to the missionaries on the field through sponsoring Churches at home.

We require that all Scriptures be given away and NOT SOLD. Prov. 23:23. Buy the Truth and SELL IT NOT……

*Over half the people in the world have never heard the Gospel.

*Over half the people in the world do not own a copy of the Scriptures.

*25% can be reached with English.

*40 to 60 Countries can be reached with Spanish.

*73 Nations can be reached with Spanish and English.


B.P.S. is run DEBT FREE as the Lord provides the money, we continue to produce the Scriptures.



So B.P.S. is a Biblical and much needed ministry of Harmony Baptist Church.

We are supported by the free will love gifts of God’s people.

To carry on this Ministry God’s people must see the need to Prayerfully and financially support this work.

If you would like to give a tax deductible donation to the BPS Ministry you can do so by sending it to Harmony Baptist Church/BPS Ministry at 6008 W. Knights Griffin Rd. Plant City, Fl. 33565.

For more info please contact Dr. C. C. Brady- 

Associate Pastor Steve Brady –

Pastor Vance Catlin –


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